I-Car Certified Platinum Professional

Steering & Suspension

Steel Unibody Structure repair

Steel Full Frame Sectioning

Full Frame Replacement

Aluminum Repair

ASE Certified Damage Analyst

Collision Repair Estimating

Dupont Training

Color Adjustment

Plastic refinishing

Cromax Pro Certified Refinisher

TotRodz Story

Something happens when you're out for a cruise with your most precious new friend in their TotRod. The pride is unreal. My daughter Lily and I instantly went from one of the herd to THE main attraction. As a father, all I wanted was to show off my little girl to everybody and this was just the vehicle to make that happen.

She was seen as super cool. The very first thing that Lily ever visibly and physically took possession of was her car. The day I brought it home I was so incredibly proud and happy and she knew it. She hopped in and genuinely appreciated it and loved it. She was 6 months old :-)

TotRodz was started completely by accident in my garage with a couple good friends and I. I had not expected to start a Hot Rod Shop for kids, but I have always loved hot rods and built what I have driven. So after the experience of taking Lily out a few times, things just started happening on their own.

The input, feedback, and pure excitement I have received from people of every demographic, every country and multiple cultures has shown me that TotRodz is here to stay.

TotRodz has been a new and very exciting chapter in my life, brought on by the overwhelming gift of being a father and my lifelong passion for all things fast and loud.

-Eddie Serrano